What is Eyeondomain.com Free Domain Email Forwarding?

We offer one free catch-all email account to our customers who register their domain for at least 2 years. This is web based email service which is available to anyone who registers or renews at least 2 domain years or any combination of domain names to fulfill the 2 domain year units requirement. So you may register 1 domain name for 1 years or 2 domains for 1 year each, etc.. to qualify for free catch all email.
Example : you already own ABCFOUNDRY.COM domain, transfer it to our registry - that gives you 1 year domain unit, you may also want to register ABCFOUNDRY.NET so register that one for 1 year, now you have total of 2 domain units - and you qualify!) Select your primary domain, which would most likely be ABCFOUNDRY.COM to be your email address.

How does free email work?

  • Register or transfer to us at least 2 domain years (per example above) for the free catchall email service forwarding.

  • If you use our DNS host server names - Primary: GREG.MAGI.NET Secondary: MAGI1.MAGI.NET - we will take care of the rest, use the Manage Domain Control Panel to setup the free email forwarding service.

  • If you use other provider's DNS host servers, communicate to them the following set up:

    A Record : mail
    IP Number
    MX Record : mail.Yourdomainnname.yourextension (example mail.abcfoundry.com) 5

    If they ask you to pay for this service, just transfer to our DNS servers and we'll do this free of charge for you. Once the other host sets up the above, use the Manage Domain Control Panel to setup the free email forwarding service.

  • To maintain the free email service in subsequent years, all you need to do is renew the existing domains through us with 1 year each year.

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