What is Eyeondomain.com Free Cloaked Domain Forwarding?
  1. Forwarding means that we can forward anyone who types into their browser www.yourdomain.ext to any other valid web address of your choice.
  2. Cloaked means that the original www.yourdomain.ext will remain in their browser web address, not the web address we have forwarded to.
  3. Forwarding is NOT a change of Hosting Service. If you have a host who just gave you their DNS Nameservers to enter in your domain profile (Something like NS1.YOURNEWHOST.NET and NS2.YOURHOSTINGCOMPANY.COM), do not use this feature. Scroll to the top of manage domain page and click on NAME SERVERS LINK to make appropriate Name Server modifications there.
  4. Good Examples of Forwarding Use: You may have a free website with a long web address hosted at some free web space providers server farm. Instead of giving out your long web address on a free server, such as www.centrinet.com/christmas/sftips.htm you may give out your domain name www.christmascraft.info if you have cloaked forwarding setup. If you own multiple domain names, such as yourdomain.com and yourdomain.net and yourdomain.org - you may want to forward yourdomain.org and yourdomain.net to the .COM domain
  5. Cloaked Forwarding is avaiable free of charge to anyone who registered or transferred domain to Eyeondomain.com for a minimum of 2 years. It can be accessed via Manage Domain. You can always add one or more years onto your domain at our Renew Domain Interface
  6. In order for cloaked forwarding to work on your domain, please be sure that your primary name server is GREG.MAGI.NET and your secondary name server is MAGI1.MAGI.NET
  7. Here is a example of what cloaked forwarding looks like. If you click on www.christmascraft.info you are actually looking at www.centrinet.com/christmas/sftips.htm page. Notice that if you click within that page, your web address browser bar will still show www.christmascraft.info - as the forwarded page is cloaked by your domain.
  8. Enjoy! Back to Eyeondomain.com home page.