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Free Domain Email Account

Take a Tour FreeMAIL Interface

We offer one free email account with unlimited mail boxes and up to 10 MB of storage space to our customers. This is web based email account which is available to anyone who registers or renews at least 6 domain years or any combination of domain names to fulfill the 6 domain year units requirement. So you may register 1 domain name for 6 years or 2 domain names for 3 years or 3 domains for 2 years, etc.. to qualify for free email.
Example : you already own ABCFOUNDRY.COM domain, transfer it to our registry - that gives you 1 year domain unit, you may also want to register ABCFOUNDRY.NET so register that one for 3 years, now you have total of 4 domain units, then also register ABCSANDCASTINGFOUNDRY.COM for 2 years - and you qualify!) Select your primary domain, which would most likely be ABCFOUNDRY.COM to be your email address.

How does free email work?

  • Register or transfer to us at least 6 domain years (per example above).

  • If you use our DNS host server names - Primary: GREG.MAGI.NET Secondary: MAGI1.MAGI.NET - we will take care of the rest, use this Form to order the free email service. Indicate which domain name needs to be associated with the free email and we shall set up your account within 48 hours and email you the details.

  • If you use other provider's DNS host servers, communicate to them the following set up:

    A Record : mail

    IP Number

    MX Record : mail.Yourdomainnname.yourextension (example mail.abcfoundry.com)

    If they ask you to pay for this service, just transfer to our DNS servers and we'll do this free of charge for you. Once the other host sets up the above, use this Form to order the free email service. Indicate which domain name needs to be associated with the free email and we shall set up your account within 48 hours and email you the details.

  • To maintain the free email service in subsequent years, all you need to do is renew the existing domains through us with 3 year total domain units per year. If you do not hold 3 domain names or cannot fulfill the 3 domain unit renewal, you can still maintain your existing email with us as within the low cost hosting and email plans as outlined in the following section.

Low Cost Domain Email Accounts

If you do not fulfill the 6/3 domain unit per year qualifier, you can use this same service at only $5.00 per month. Even if you do not have website yet, you can always have an email at your newly registered domain mane. We found that many companies have a need to give out email address to their employees even though they do not have a website yet. All you need is a registered domain name and all your employees can deploy their own email email address. This program only costs $5.00 per month and can be set up within 24 hours from your order placement. Place your order here.

EyeOnDomains.com provides free unlimited web email accounts managed by you via your admin control panel on any domain names registered or transferred to us - with web hosting cost of $20.00 per month. This service gives you up to 20 MB of hosting space for your website, full CGI-BIN and visitor statistics reports on your site. The unlimited email accounts, such as sales@yourcompanymane.com or johndoe@yourcompanyname.com are easily managed by you via web admin control panel.

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Happy domain hunting!
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If you already have registered domain name with other registrars such as Network Solutions, you can transfer your existing domain name to us and get 1 year's registration renewal for only $15!
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