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.tv domains

Why register .tv domain?

.TV is happening now! Leading companies and individuals from around the world have made .tv the fastest growing top-level domain in history!

.TV Meaningful! .tv is the natural home for sites offering rich media, streaming video, broadband and convergent content.

.TV is global! TV is the most widely recognized two-letter symbol in the world, enabling you to create a truly global identity.

About .tv

.tv is the TLD for the country of Tuvalu, a small Pacific Island. Through an agreement with the country of Tuvalu, the California company dotTV became the exclusive registry for .tv domain names.

In October 2000, .tv set a record for the fastest growing Top-Level Domain on the Internet by registering over 100,000 names in less than 6 months. .tv is run out of an open registry, which means that anyone can register a .tv domain name, as long as they’re willing to pay for it..

Tuvalu plans to use proceeds from the agreement to increase the quality of life for its approximately 10,000 citizens. Tuvalu is a significant majority shareholder in dotTV and has a seat on its board.

.tv Registration Considerations

DotTV Registry has implemented a scaled methodology for registering names that have a higher potential worth. Most names will be given “standard” pricing, for example: web-weddings.tv and thewebparty.tv. Other names considered “high-profile” are given much higher values, such as free.tv, baseball.tv, and nbc.tv.

.tv Standard Registrations

Standard registrations have a fixed base price. Most domains will fall under this category, and are available in real time. Domains purchased from this category can be associated with existing OpenSRS domains and registrant profiles. Our special pricing on .TV Stadard registrations is as follows:
Registration Period Prepaid: Cost per year:
1 year $47.00
2 years $45.00
3 years $43.00
5 years $42.00
10 years $39.00

.tv High Profile Registrations

High Profile registrations vary greatly in price. The pricing for these domains can change over time (always increasing) based on demand – this price is controlled exclusively by dotTV Registry

Some examples of prices are $100,000 for free.tv, $25,000 for lawyer.tv $1,000,000 for casino.tv (yes, that says one million dollars!).
Due to our prepayment model, and the wide range of prices for these high profile names, we have simply refer registrants directly to dotTV Registry for the purchase of these names. Because registrations in this category are referred to the dotTV Registry, High Profile domains do not remain part of the OpenSRS system and cannot be managed or renewed from our systems at present.

.tv renewals

By registering .tv domain name, you are agreeing to maintain retistration for minimum period of 2 years. That holds true even if you prepay for one year only. Once the initial prepayment period completes, your renewal will cost 5% over the original registration price. Thus it is advantageous to register for at least 2 years or more to enjoy multiple year domain registration discount and hedge the 5% price increase.

.tv WHOIS info

Currently the registry for .tv names limits WHOIS information for dotTV registered names. You can query a name at http://www.tv. If a domain is taken, an option to perform a WHOIS will appear – you must login to their site and create and account to do this. Once an account is created, users can perform up to 10 WHOIS queries per day. Information provided on the website is brief, however, more extensive information is emailed to the email address associated with your “account”. In the near future the our system will have the ability to show WHOIS information for OpenSRS registered .tv domains.

Bulk Registrations

Bulk registrations are not currently supported for .tv names due to price fluctuations in the .tv domains. Register one .tv domain at a time to be sure to receive correct information from our database.

Registrar Transfers

It is not currently possible to transfer a .tv domain between registrars.

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