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Eye on Domain!
Domain WATCH SERVICE ! Exclusive Only at Eye On Domains! Domain names like:
  • Is your domain name taken?
  • Do you have .NET domain but wish you could get the .COM equivalent?
  • You can now monitor the desired domain name electronically for as little as $3.95 per domain per year!
Expired this year and found new happy owners!

Over 20 million domain names already registered to date. Every day over 30,000 domain names are registered and as many as 2,000 domains expire that same day. Now you can subscribe to our EYEONDOMAINSM SERVICE to stake those important domain names.

Ever wish that you registered that dot com back in '96 or '98? Not happy with the current domain? Is your company reduced to taking an alternative domain, such as XYZ.NET, and XYZ.COM is registered to someone else who does not even use it? Today's domain sharks or internet identity pirates hold on to domains they consider valuable, hoping the prospective buyer would contact them so they may charge thousands of dollars.. However THOUSANDS of domain names expire every month! The latest numbers indicate an average of 3,000 domains per day. You can always pay thousands for that special domain name or you can try our exclusive service and watch for it's expiration and register the domain for $15 - the same day it becomes available again.

This is a hands-free process - we have created our exclusive BOT to do the impossible for you. It would take many hours and extreme tenacity to check your WATCH LIST of domain names daily and register those if they become available. This exclusive subscription service will let you monitor DOMAIN NAMES of your choice - hands free, and will register those immediately should they become available.

Our EyeOnDomain Bot goes to work for you every day, monitoring domain names in your watch list. As long as the domain name is registered to the original party, the EyeOnDomain Bot just takes a note to return and check back the next day. If the domain name becomes available, our EyeOnDomain Bot pulls information from your data file and immediately registers this domain name on your behalf! Then it emails you the good news! You can always login into your account status and check on the Domain Bot's adventures. It will report on its last activity. See a sample of an account status here.

Domain Watch Service Features and Limitations:

  1. Our Bot Checks the central whois database once per day. If the domain status changes and monitored domain is dropped by the original Registry, the domain moves to intensive domain registration status and will attempt domain registration instantly when this domain becomes available for re-registration.
  2. This service does not guarantee that a domain will be registered to you if it expires. It INCREASES your chances of registering an expired domain. If someone monitors the same name and reaches the central database a fraction of a second prior to us, they will be able to register this domain before us.
  3. We cannot monitor the same domain name for 2 different customers. The service is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once you order a domain name monitoring from us, it will take approximately 3-5 days to set up your account. If another customer already ordered us to monitor a domain contained in your order, we shall notify you during the order confirmation process. As soon as your account is set, you will receive an email with additional information.
  4. In the event that we do not succeed in registering your domain on the day it becomes available, you will be entitled to a full refund of the set up fee for that domain name.
  5. The $5.95 fee or less is collected to cover the set up of monitoring of your domain to our auto watch service. The fee is only charged if we either register this domain for you or if the original owner renews the domain - we will advise you of renewal, expiration or our succes! The monitoring fee will be refunded in case when someone else but you succeeds registering the domain.
  6. If we succeed in registering the domain for you, we will register it for period of 5 (FIVE) years at registration rate of $15 per year. This is effective only for orders placed on or after 2/20/01. Prior orders will have registration period of 1 year only.
  7. We highly recommend that you also monitor your expiring domains and therefore you will increase your chances for success.
Click here to set up an account and purchase your watch list.

Click here to get more info on this service....

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