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Typo Piracy Scams have become a serious problem and expense for domain name holders. Please read Typosquatters turn flubs into cash and Scandal surrounds Net typo firm by Bob Sullivan - MSNBC and The Identity Hijackers by Chris Sherman of About.Com These articls are some of the best on the web and should definitely be required reading for anyone who owns a web address. If your site becomes successful, and others capitalize on a misspelled version of your domain name, most likely you can try to get your misspelled or mistyped domain name back. However, be prepared to spend at least $2,000 in dispute and legal fees! A better solution might be to register the obviously mistyped and misspelled variations of your domain name; it's easier, cheaper and lot faster.

We did an extensive search so you can get an idea how to mistype or misspell your own domain name. We went to PCDATA who compiles a list of the most visited websites, from there we took the top contenders' domain and mistyped their address. If it led to a different website, we did a "name lookup" on the mistyped domain owner and provided results here for you as a free public resource. Click on the mistyped domain name and see how your name can be misspelled, mistyped and then used - (to our best knowledge we screened out any objectional sites, but click at your own risk!). You can also look up other domains registered by the same party who registered the mistyped one under the NSI Lookup link.

Please NOTE - if you click on mistyped name, we will open a NEW BROWSER WINDOW because there are multi-pop-up windows advertisements on some those sites. That's part of some of the more obtjectionable aspects of these sites. Just close those windows, and our site will still be there!
website link mistyped match NSI lookup on owner with lots of domains they registered
yahoo.com yahwoo.com whois Global Net?
aol.com wwwaol.com who is dataart?
msn.com www-msn.com who is www-?
microsoft.com wwwmicrosoft.com who is stoneybrook?
passport.com wwwpassport.com
beware lots of
who is Siavash
geocities.com gocities.com who is Powerclick?
lycos.com lycoss.com already listed
altavista.com altvista.com who is santa barbara internet?
ebay.com ebsy.com whois michael knight?
amazon.com anazon.com
beware lots of
whois success healing?

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